Solu Music is the New York based record label and songwriting / musician / producing duo of Howie Caspe and Dano Nathanson.
Caspe and Nathanson met in the spring of 1998 when Caspe (keyboards) joined Nathanson (guitar) in a popular cover band. From the first moment playing together, they realized they were musical counterparts and immediately started to focus original projects. The duo made a huge impact on the house scene with their first release, “Fade” feat. Kimblee. Fade is now a house classic and a global club anthem. The song put Solu on the map and the immense success set the tone for all future Solu Music releases.


Since 2001, Solu has created a distinct musical style blending house, soul, R&B, world, and a slew of other influences. The duo has discovered and developed vocalists including Kai Martin and KimBlee, with Kai Martin bringing are smooth and soulful sound to the critically acclaimed album, 'Affirmation'. Solu Music took an extended break as Howie & Dano focused on a range of new projects, but they are excited to bring new music to the masses in 2018.

"Giving deep house a healthy dose of fresh, soul-driven innovation"

                                                             - XLR8R